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New Brand coming Soon

March 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

New Brand Coming Soon

Amanda Rebelo Photography has grown in amazing ways over the last  7 years. One of the most inspiring parts of that growth has been my daughter Bella. She has grown right along with my business. From the "Powder Point Girls" and "Glitter Ballet" books and their award winning photos to magazine editorials with a Baby Grand Piano, her life is reflected in much of my work. For these reasons it is time to bring her name to the brand. This Spring I will be launching Amanda & Bella Photography with a new Website. Our Facebook page will feature the same content with a new name, and the only other differences will be marketing materials, including what Bella calls "Merch" like her new t-shirt with logo and photo. We hope this brings a fresh look to the feel our existing clients have already come to know and love when they see Bella's joy, love, and sparkle in the studio. We have made many good friends and connections through the studio and hope that continues and that you share the news of this exciting change. You will still be able to reach us at and 508-801-7971 for any questions! Amanda



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