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Private lessons $25/hr

Private lessons work similarly to the classes except you get to start where you are at in your learning and go at your own pace. You can start if you have never touched your camera or if you have been using it for years. After talking about composition and some simple guidance then the rest is hands on with a model in the studio or your preference of what you would like to learn to photograph. Later we will look at the photos and discuss what is good and how we can improve going forward. Every experience at the studio either class or portrait session is meant to be a fun positive experience so you should always feel welcome.

Summer 2017!!!! 

´╗┐This beginner digital photography class is for 9-14 year old children from ANY town or state. Children can bring a point and shoot camear or dslr to class. Amanda will introduce kids to their camera's settings and how to take better photos. Students will also learn about using a flash and be given creative photo tips when photographing, nature, people, and animals. The most fun part of this photography class is that students will have an opportunity to go out on field trips with the instructor, to practice photographing.

Field trips are the best way for students to learn. Amanda and students will visit local beaches, farm, gardens, or other interesting places as decided by students and parents.

Class size is small and limited to 8 students, which allows for individual attention. Amanda is an Awardwinning professional photographer, has a Master’s in Education and over fifteen years experience teaching photography to children and adults. Amanda's style of teaching is to learn by doing and encouraging lots of questions and that all creativity is art.

This is a great place to develop your child's artistic inspiration, skills, and also self confidence.

Register by contacting me via email amndrros@aol.com or phone 508-801-7971

Adult beginner Class


Join us in a class for all beginners. We will walk you through all the basics of using your camera.
You'll move from being stuck in automatic mode to using the creative modes, taking control of your images like never before.
Understanding the info screen
What those letters on the dial mean
How to shoot your kids like the paparazzi
Kissing those cheesy smiles goodbye
Getting great focus in every situation
Capturing siblings (and maintaining your sanity)
How and where to photograph your kids (indoors and outdoors)
How to capture your kids in action (and why that’s the best way to do it!)
1hour with a model to photograph and
Loads of 1-on-1 time for questions

More classes at Kingston Recreation Child and Adult classes on Alternate dates!