Let’s Get Started!    

Here's a helpful article that is aplicable all year round! http://plymouthma.macaronikid.com/article/840336/getting-ready-for-your-holiday-photo-sessionwith-kids 


Getting to the Shoot

Open Space Studios

18 Middle St.

Plymouth, MA


From Route 3 South Take Exit 6-A off of Route 3 S. and bear right off the ramp

From Route 3 North take the exit 6 (no A or B) ramp toward Plymouth Center

Follow about 1 mile until you reach Court St. / 3A

Take a right onto Court St. and go about 1/2 mile

Take a left on Middle St.

There is metered parking in front of the studio and paid parking spots across the street.



When Do I Pay?

The session fee  is due when you schedule your session. When you schedule your session, please understand that the session fee covers the cost of the photographer’s time to shoot the portraits as well as editing time, ordering the photos, shipping, etc. Even if you decide not to order prints, or are unhappy with the final product, the session fee is not refundable. 

What Should We Wear?

For all shoots, avoid clothing with graphics, words or heavy patterns. Please also avoid black and white together, including two different people each wearing black or white. For inside shoots, wear medium to light colors, not black. For outside shoots, please wear colors within the same tones. For example: mostly lights and mediums or mostly mediums and darks. Visit my Pinterest page for “What to Wear to Your Photoshoot.”


What Should I Bring?

  • Any paperwork you have been given to fill out.
  • Any toys you may need to get smiles from the kids as well as snacks and drinks for them as needed.
  • Up to three outfits. There is a place to change, get ready, do hair, etc.
  • Any props you want in the shoot.
  • Any poses you have seen elsewhere that you would like done.
  • If you are doing a cake smash: Please bring a change of clothes to go home in, lots of baby wipes, maybe a hand towel although I have some.


If at any time I can do something to make your photo session a better experience for you, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.

After the Shoot

Your Photos

Regarding what happens in photo processing:

  • The camera does not capture all the color your eyes see so the images I upload from the camera are already slightly altered by the camera.
  • I edit the photos to correct for lighting, correct the color as well as any dirt or blemishes.
  • Very important: When the photos are uploaded to the computer to be shared to Facebook or other similar applications, the data is compressed and a lot of color is lost. The image quality is not as good as your actual images are—and will be—when you receive them. When you receive your CD and prints, you will receive the images without that process so you will get the original image.
  • You will also have your photos processed through a professional printing service, which “color corrects“ to try to replace any color the camera was unable to capture. When you print your photos from your CD at other printing services, I cannot guarantee the quality of the prints.
  • Cropping: I try to save your photos in several different sizes so that when they are printed you do not have to do much cropping. The photo below shows how your image will be cropped as it is enlarged.

What Happens When I Get My Pictures?

Your happiness is very important to me.

If you see anything in your proofs that you would like edited, please tell me before they go to print. Extensive editing may require an additional fee. If you are unhappy with a print once you receive it, please contact me within seven days, and I will gladly make an adjustment or replace the print with another selection.  If, after receiving the second print, you are still unhappy with it, you may choose another selection to replace it or receive a refund for one print.

Photos that are posted with or without watermarks are the property of Amanda Rebelo. Please see the “Client Contract” page under the “Your Investment” tab for information about your CD/download.


How to Download your Gallery

1. Go to your gallery.

2. Click any single photo.

3. Use your mouse to hover over the corners of  the photo until you see “Download” in the menu.

4. In the drop-down menu, click “Download All Originals.”

5. In the pop-up box, click “Save.”

6. This will save a “Zip” file. It will probably save this in your “Download” folder. Look at where you are saving it because you will need to find it again.

7. If you are not prompted to extract the files, find your zip file, right-click on it and click “Extract All.”

8. You will probably be given the option to save to a similarly named file in the same location. Click “Yes.”

9.You should now have a file with all of your photos. I suggest mpix.com for printing.

**If you open your photos with windows photo viewer or another software with a different color calibration photoshop, your pictures will look dark but they will print as they look on the website.

Please also visit OpenPrints.com

An Important Note on Personal Camera Use

As a professional courtesy, we respectfully ask that clients do not take photographs at any time during the session while Amanda is working with their families. Amanda will regretfully halt a session if any other cameras (including iPhone, iPad and other smartphone devices) are present and used during the time she is working at a session. If a session is halted, monies paid will be forfeited.

We thank you for your consideration and as well for making all members of your party aware of this policy prior to our portrait session.